Our Story

Valley Oaks Steak Company was founded with the intent of bringing locally grown beef with no added hormones to the Kansas City area. Valley Oaks Steak Company is owned by the Ward family who have been residing in the Grain Valley Missouri area since 1946. The Ward’s have been breeding registered Angus cattle since 1992 and have been privately selling beef for years. The Ward’s decided that they would like to start offering their homegrown beef to the entire community.

With the addition of our local feedlot and processing plant, Valley Oaks Steak Company can bring you the freshest beef around! To make our steaks some of the best in the nation, we hang our choice and prime carcasses for a minimum of 21 days to ensure extra flavor and tenderness.  

Valley Oaks Steak Company is proud to produce locally grown beef with no added hormones. Our products benefits not only our customers but our local businesses as well. Valley Oaks Steak Company products can be found right outside of Kansas City in the locally owned Grain Valley Sun Fresh Market and Oak Grove Sun Fresh Market. Try our products today and taste for yourself the difference that Valley Oaks Steak Company makes with our locally owned beef with no added hormones!