Our Story


Valley Oaks Steak Company was founded in 2016 with the intent of bringing locally grown beef to the Kansas City area. Valley Oaks Steak Company is owned by the Ward family who have been residing in the Grain Valley Missouri area since 1946. The Ward’s have been breeding registered Angus cattle since 1992 and have been privately selling beef for years. The Ward’s decided that they would like to start offering their homegrown beef to the entire community.

With the addition of our local feedlot and processing plant, Valley Oaks Steak Company provides a true farm to table experience! The Valley Oaks Feedlot is state of the art allowing for all cattle to be housed under roof. The feedlot is home to cattle that carry top of the line genetics from some of the most prominent Angus cattle. With the help of engineering and big fans, the cattle are continuously at a healthy temperature. The design of the feedlot allows cattle to live in a stress-free environment and have a comfortable lifestyle. Valley Oaks Steak Company takes pride in producing top quality beef! All cattle in the feedlot must meet Valley Oaks Standards. The process Valley Oaks Steak Company uses allows our products to be extra tender while remaining full of flavor! Every spring Valley Oaks plants their own corn to be harvested in the fall. The corn is mixed with other nutrients to create a balanced ration that is feed twice a day to the cattle.

Valley Oaks Steak Company is proud to produce locally grown beef that has a one of a kind flavor. Valley Oaks products benefit not only customers but local businesses as well. Valley Oaks Steak Company products can be found in local stores and markets as well as right here online! Try our products today and taste for yourself Valley Oaks Steak Company’s locally raised beef!